Friday, 6 January 2012

Found time for a blast from the past!

Some of you may remember this but for those who were not there enjoy! Any guesses for the year and game?
Name the line up ?
Captain Smudge
Ash  Scores with a header, nothing changes really
Andy Bowker Scores
Young Newts in the foreground, thanks for coming Newts!!
Yets and Smudge with the cup
Some familiar faces and young Alex to the left!!

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  1. Was it one of the few finals I haven't attended in recent years - 2005-06 Cornwall Senior Cup Final at St Blazey between Truro City and Bodmin Town. Truro won 4-1.
    2nd year running that Bodmin lost in the final!
    Ash, Smith, Yetton, Jon Routledge (where's Jon now?), Butcher, Broad.
    Ludlam, Wills, Bowker, Chris Davey (who I watched last Saturday come on for Probus at Sticker, now their player/manager) and Nevin.